Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys aim to capture feedback from your customers. This is so that you can use it to drive your business forward.

A report will be prepared summarising all the feedback that has been captured by customers completing an online form.

The feedback can be a mixture of scores for various aspects of the service, or products, that you offer – combined with more general comments.

There are a number of purposes for which you may choose to use the feedback that we will capture for you through a customer survey. These benefits include:

  • Increasing customer retention.
  • Identifying customer issues via escalation, so you can take action.
  • Seeking new business referrals from existing customers.
  • Identifying problems within your organisation.

How Customer Surveys Work

The first job is to discuss and agree what feedback you are seeking from your customers. Next decide how you plan to use it. I will work with you to design a survey questionnaire that will get to information that you are seeking.

A questionnaire is built using a variety of questions, and effective answer structures ensure the quality of the feedback. I will help you with this.

I will agree the survey questions with you. They are then programmed into an online survey form. This online form has a unique web location (called a URL). Customers can access the survey online, when you give them this unique web address. They can complete it on a PC, a tablet or their mobile phone. This is to make access as simple as possible.

We will report back to you with the analysed results from all the completed surveys. Any serious customer issues mentioned are escalated to you for immediate remedial action. This allows you to take action and retain customers by sorting out the problems before they go elsewhere. I have had a lot of success boosting customer retention using this approach.

I can either give you the results for you to action, or I can work with you to action the results. This may involve planning how to address issues that have been identified. You may then choose to use the feedback by disseminating it to key staff, using the results in your public relations, web presence or social media.

The customer research is normally repeated on a regular basis so that we can monitor changes and target improvements.

Please contact me for a free discussion about Customer Satisfaction Surveys and how I can structure a customer feedback programme for your organisation.

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