Customer Research Benefits

Customer Research Advantages

Customer Research Benefits

Customer research has become more and more popular over recent years, delivering some valuable customer research benefits to organisations.

Customers have become more discerning, and often look for customer reviews and feedback before purchasing.

However, a customer research programme can offer more advantages than just gathering testimonials.

The Benefits

Customer research benefits can be significant. Testimonials are useful, they can be posted onto your website, published in your literature or used in your PR. However there are many more benefits to be derived from a well structured customer research programme.

Business Retention

The first and most important benefit is improving your customer retention. Holding onto customers is far easier than trying to attract new ones.

We structure our surveys so that they identify any customer issues – it is like an alert service where issues are immediately escalated to you for action. These could be product or service related, and by surfacing them you get the opportunity to put them right, before you lose the customer.

In fact, taking the time to address a customer issue has been shown to increase satisfaction levels and to boost customer retention.

We employ various methodologies to ensure that we get to the customer issues, and we can include drill down questions, to fully understand any problems.

New Business Generation

The second benefit is the potential to generate new business.

This could be repeat purchasing by existing customers. Or it could be through existing customers referring new prospective customers to your organisation. We can structure your survey so that you maximise the possibility of getting both.

We can conduct surveys that look at existing or prospective customers that have been lost/not proceeded in order to understand the reasons why, and to look for opportunities to reintroduce them into your sales process.

Get In Touch

If you want to understand how we can help you improve customer retention, and drive up new business, please get in touch. 

Even if just want to understand the possibilities, we would be delighted to talk you through the process. Please request a call back.

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