How To Design A Customer Survey

How To Design A Customer Survey

Designing A Customer Survey

If you want to know how to design a customer survey, you need to start by thinking about what you want to get out of the project. It could be that you want to achieve any or all of the following:

  • Understand what your customers think of your product and services.
  • Measure changes in customer opinions over time.
  • Identify customer issues for immediate escalation and rectification. In order to retain customers.
  • Benchmark your products and services against those of your competitors.
  • Gain new customer referrals or further purchases from existing customers.

These different requirements will each lead to very different approaches in terms of how you structure your project. If you are seeking to learn information from customers open questions are preferable as they allow customers to say anything. This can highlight information that you haven’t even thought of.

If you are seeking to measure performance over time, perhaps to track improvements, you might opt for some rating style questions. You might ask respondents to score different aspects of your service. In that way, you can analyse the results in order to be able to track averages over time, and to see how they change.

Be careful about the number of respondents in your sample. If you only receive responses from a handful of customer, the results may not be representative and may be very misleading.

We always recommend including a few “acid test” questions in any questionnaire. These are questions that measure the most important aspects of customer opinion e.g. are they likely to recommend you?

Research Methods

The method for conducting the research may differ according to the nature of your relationship with your customers. You need to be careful not to introduce any bias into the results. For example, if you allow your staff to conduct the surveys themselves, you risk that they might record answers in a way that benefits them. Using an independent provider like ourselves eliminates that risk. It also gives you the benefit of free expertise about how to structure your questionnaires and how to conduct the project.

There are different ways of conducting the survey itself. You might opt for an online response form, or you might want to provide a paper-based questionnaire. If you are concerned about response rates, phone based contact my be be more productive. You may want to consider offering some form of incentive in order to get customers to participate.

Hopefully that has gone some way towards explaining How To Design A Customer Survey. If you are in need of some free advice please get in touch with us at: or call: 03330 0119942. 

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