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Research Services

We provide professional research services. Including the following:

Our surveys can engage existing customers (customer satisfaction monitoring), lost customers and prospects or members of your staff.

Ongoing Or One Off

Surveys can be ongoing, with regular reporting at intervals that suit you. Alternatively we can conduct “one off” studies.

We provide the expertise to structure your questionnaire(s) so that they capture the right information.

Online Forms Or Phone Based

Survey Sensei can conduct your survey via an online capture form, or we can undertake phone based interviews. We are able to handle small volumes where other providers may be unable to help.

For Help

For assistance please contact us.

Flexible Approach

We are able to take a flexible approach to helping our clients achieve their goals through capturing feedback. Working with you we will develop questionnaires that get to the information you want, in the level of detail that makes that feedback useful to your organisation. This means you have tangible information on which to take action.

Tailored Not “One Size Fits All”

Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, or leaving you to structure and design your own surveys, we work with you, adding our expertise, to ensure that your tailored survey delivers actionable results. We can take the hassle out of the process by doing the work for you, whilst you remain in control.

Escalation For Action

If an interview warrants intervention from your organisation, we can arrange for that interview to be escalated to the appropriate person, so that they can take action.

New Business?

We can even structure studies to maximise the chances of receiving repeat business, or to generate new customer introductions. In this way, some surveys can provide financial benefits to our clients.

360 Degree Feedback?

A comprehensive research programme can take in all aspects of your organisation, to gain 360 degree feedback from customer, staff, suppliers and other parties that interact with you. This feedback can be acted upon to improve the performance of your organisation.